Progress and Truth in Scientific Change

Progress and Truth in Scientific Change

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Does scientific change mean scientific progress? Does this progress mean the closer and closer approach to truth? We do not have the ‘future of science’ in our hand to see how many times our theories may change and which one is the last. We do also not have the ‘ultimate knowledge of the world’ in our hand to compare our theories with. We have only thing in our hand and that is a history of science by analyzing of which we can have a scope for knowing about progress and truth in scientific change. In this book, Progress and Truth in Scientific Change, we have sought to understand the nature of ‘theory and theory-change’ in science, and to understand whether and how such a scientific change results in a progress towards the real picture of or the complete theory of the world. Finally we got the findings that science makes progress, but it is not necessarily towards the real structure of the world.

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