Rebuilding Economics

Rebuilding Economics

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The book is focused on four main field of interest: 1) rebuilding of the Economics, on its own logical, epistemological and methodological bases (reinsertion of the economic subject into the economic phenomenology, replacing of the clock time by the economic time in measuring the economic process, reassessing of: the analitycity of the economic propositions, the possibility of economic predictions and of their factual falsification, mathematics and the economic modelling and comprehension); 2) clarifying the concept of sustainability of economic growth and development (history and logic of actional paradigms, sustainable financial sources, automatic stabilizers, logically vivid systems, entropy); 3) economic inertia and its conceptual family (inertial causes in the economic process, inertial mechanisms, continuum economic time-space, typology of economic inertia); 4) reexamining the logical bases of some important economic concepts and phenomena (economic cycle without the crisis...

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