Romanian Educational Models In Philosophy

Romanian Educational Models In Philosophy

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"The motivation of elaborating such a book stands in the idea that a teacher, an authentic pedagogue must not resume only to what others think. This is only a necessary, but not sufficient condition for culture. It is important to manage to build your own ideas and arguments, leading to the ones you form a real participation and passion for studying and the craving for research and discovery.[...] This work is dedicated to the great philosophy teachers that we, Romanians, had and also to my mentors that oriented me towards the study of philosophy and coordinated me in the research of Romanian philosophy. I consider that any philosophy teacher has to know and cherish didactic experiences of exceptional teachers that the Romanian philosophy school had and to make them familiar to their disciples in order to make them to be aware of the fact that no one manages to reach accomplishment without a model, that philosophy is a discipline that cannot be taught like mathematics, physics or...

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